Monday, September 13, 2021

Simple - but not easy

 As insipid a saying as it is, and as often as I sneered at Nancy Reagan for promoting it, finally it does come down to just saying no.  I'm speaking specifically about kicking an addiction, but the same simple wisdom applies to making all kinds of personal changes.  Say no to playing one more round of Candy Crush.  Say no to eating unhealthy foods.  Say no to being an asshole.  Say no to putting up with what you hate.

Join all the programs you are drawn to, go to rehab and therapy and meetings.  It will still, finally, come down to that moment when you say no.

If all that no feels too negative, then say yes.  Yes to taking a walk through the woods, to reading a book, to calling up a friend, to getting around to mowing the lawn, cleaning out the refrigerator, visiting Grandma, learning a new language, sitting quietly with a cup of tea or glass of wine.  Yes to eating what you know is good for you.  Yes to being more patient with your kids.  Yes to quitting the job you can't stand and trusting yourself to find another, better one.

It always has and always will come down to me - and you - making a decision and making it stick.  It's that simple.


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