Saturday, May 7, 2022


Sweet Hubby and I goof around a lot.  We'll be in the bathroom, for example, flossing our teeth, or in the kitchen preparing dinner, and just crack each other up, with wordplay, cultural references, inside jokes, giving voice to our cat, acting dumb.  Believe it or not, the word "so", said with a particular inflection, can send us both into paroxysms of laughter.  We laugh a lot in each other's company.

I wonder if all couples play like this.  I hope so.  I would love to think that we are an example, not an exception.  But thinking about this makes me realize that I don't know, none of us knows, what people are like in their most private, unself-conscious moments.  I can't imagine any of the couples I know using silly voices or making weird sounds and laugh laugh laughing.  Everybody besides us seems too mature for that.  But maybe we seem too mature for it as well, when we're in the public eye.

This curiosity I have about what other people are like hits me when I'm driving, passing other cars, wondering "Where are they all going?  And why?  And how do they feel about it?  What's on their minds right now?  Are they wondering about me?"  Sweet Hubby and I sometimes make the observation that for other people, we are just background players, just atmosphere for their lives the way they are for ours, but that for themselves, their lives are as full as for them as ours are for us.  Do they giggle and chuckle with their loved ones?  Do they speak in strange voices or burst into made-up songs or suddenly start dancing for no reason?  I hope so.  All that goofiness sure makes the world a happier place for me. 

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  1. Fun is one of human beings' 5 Basic needs, according to William Glasser. Your play is keeping you healthy and happy. And, yes, other folks (we) have those special words for things and voices that crack us up and/or have become an everyday part of our communication. xoA <3